Salt Lake Riding Center (and in the meanwhile some other Greek stables in Marmari) tells anybody how serious they are and a rider insurance covers rider and third parties.

Anybody can buy a rider insurance contract. But never are covered damages caused during criminal or illegal acts. We already learnt that beach riding without license is illegal; so riding trips on the beach (or at the salt lake, a natural protected region) are not covered by insurance. There are no licences granted for beach riding.

Dangerous and unappetizing

Illegal beach rider between Marmari and Tigaki

Suddenly tourists are surrounded by horses on the beach; the photographer was in a very dangerous situation.

The horses shit and piss on the beach and the water line. Children playing next to these places.

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Look for the Greek way of horse keeping. In other stables in Marmari the horses are fixed on short ropes the whole day.