Beach Riding on Kos Island.

The whole beach on Kos is public; there are no private beach areas. For any activities at the public beaches people can apply for a licence. E. g. Watersport Centers gets their licence to use the public beach. There are no licence granted for beach riding. 

Each act without licence is illegal and a criminal act; the lawbreaker risks to pay penalties and get arrested. The "Water Police" is responsible to control the beaches, but presently they have other problems.

So onesmore:

Beach Riding without license is illegal and a criminal act due to the Greek law.

Each year happens accidents; tourists (children and adults) became hurt seriously. But in 2009 a Greek lady became hurt by horses on the beach. Due to this special event the water police forwarded a document to all horse owner on the island. This document points out that beach riding is illegal, especially between Marmari and Tigaki.


"Wild-wild-west" on the beach is possible because the water police does not control the beaches. Through English television you may get information about the uncontrolled growth of established officials. Onces they are public officers, nobody can force them to do their job properly.

Anyhow, if you are interested and want to translate the official document, you can download it by click.

illegal beach riding on kos document by water police kos


Now you are informed about the criminal offers of Salt Lake Riding and others on Kos.


Broschures of Salt Lake Riding Kos and some strange Webpages point out that the stables have a "rider insurance"?


How they get their riding guests?